Meeting Manager for Microsoft Windows ® - Standard Installer
Your meeting service automatically downloads, installs, and configures Meeting Manager for Windows the first time you start or join a meeting. However, some systems restrict this automated setup, so you may need to download and run the Meeting Manager Installer before starting or joining a meeting. Select this option if your organization does not restrict you from installing software on your computer.

Media Players

Need to download Media players? Access the free downloads below.

You can check to see if you have the valid players to play rich media files using UCF.
Flash Player 5.0 or above Check Now  
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Compelling Reasons

What is the most compelling reason for a participant to attend an Internet Seminar?
Caliber of Speaker
59% (1073)
Subject /Topic for discussion
8% (152)
Ease of Access-Desktop
7% (135)
Time Savings
3% (54)
Incentive Offering
2% (36)
All of the above
21% (375)
Research Links
Clinical Alerts and Advisories
Clinical alerts are provided to expedite the release of findings from the NIH-funded clinical trials where such release could significantly affect morbidity and mortality.